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Agora Learning

Tree Learning

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Complying with the SCORM and AICC standards, but also a full web tool accessible from all workstations, Agora Learning puts online training content. All the training process is visible on Agora Learning: importation of courses, creation of training sessions, follow up of the learners’ progress thanks to the reports and statistical monitoring tools. Thus, thanks to one single click, you can see the amount of effort invested by each learner: time spent, number of times, last date of visit, progress status and obtained score.
Not to forget the tutoring mode that is integrated in Agora Learning. This synchronous and asynchronous tutoring can be made by mail, chat, phone or video conference.
Another feature of our platform: the rights management. Each user (department manager, tutor, animator, learner,…) is entitled rights that are fully customizable.
You can also create links between activities. Restricting the acces to a specific virtual classroom or a learning module to those who have completed an activity or a test.
Agora Learning is also a platform dedicated to the learner. The latter has access to his courses, evaluations, but also many collaborative tools like chat and forum.
Discover for free Agora Learning with OpenAgora, the new, instant and free LMS.