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Attracting teachers to Ed Tech: Smartphone and learning

Attracting teachers to the use of technological devices in the classroom as part of the Project: learning challenge in the use of Technology for teachers at MIT

There are many critics on the use of mobile phones in class, especially the teacher and probably they are right now.

The case is to understand its use in classes can be highly difficult to comprehend, not only for teachers but also for students.

This because none of both participants in this debate knows how to use it, students haven’t had adequate guidance or have not been at all. Teachers have not had time to learn to use to do the same, and the end is a problem somewhat difficult.

1. The student uses the mobile to play and chat, playfulness.

2. The student has not been taught its use as a digital citizen.

3. Students should be taught the correct use as an instrument for learning.

1. For teaching and staff, technology change so quickly and with an antiquated education system committed to the status quo, it is understandable that the word technical device panic them.

2. Teachers do not know that the specialized apparatus with which can save time and make their classes more motivating, is nothing more than the phone used as such, to chat, send messages, all tasks that have not required much learning as one might have thought at first.

3. We should attract teachers to a simple, fun and totally practical learning these skills. Thus, they can pass on their knowledge to their students, promoting a new educational system in which technology has a place. We just have to puts things easier to explain; we can have an immediate feedback if we wish and so much more.

“If educators teach the respectful and appropriate use of technology in the classroom and use it to build their skill as well, the future of education technology looks bright.
By Marcus A. Hennessy


“Learning is natural; another thing is to teach.”

\\\\ Julia Echeverria