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BeezNest is an official provider of Chamilo LMS and is certified as an expert company in the use, development, translation and optimization of the tools and resources that Chamilo LMS offers. We contribute to the creation and development of the software that is integrated at the core of Chamilo LMS. If you need to start a new online training project using the Chamilo LMS platform, to develop a plugin or additional extension, to update your platform, to host, support or maintain it, or any additional service our skills allow us to offer you, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Expert press

> 07/10/2016 - Ergonomics and usability with Chamilo LMS.

> 07/03/2016 - Odoo apps licensing

> 07/12/2015 - Interview (e-learning): Yannick Warnier, president of the non-profit association Chamilo and as CTO of the BeezNest group

> 26/02/2015 - BeezNest announces the release of Chamilo LMS 1.9.10