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What is the bsoco index?


The innovative bsoco community website questions users about software performance. Their responses are used to establish an index. Each software is evaluated according to 4 criteria (performance, usability, reliability and services). The bosco index is further influenced by the popularity of the software on the bsoco website in terms of the number of voters and frequency of their votes.


A software solution with an index score of more than 7000 is excellent software that meets users┤ expectations in every way. If the bsoco index score exceeds 5,500 then the software is considered a good product which meets general needs.


Why trust the bsoco index?

Beside the questionnaire and method of calculation, the bsoco team has implemented a quality control process. First of all, each vote is verified and the bsoco website hereby reserves the right to remove a vote if any of the following occur:
- the profile of the voter is not compatible with that of a software end-user (for ex. reseller, publisher)
- the description of positive and negative points is not precise enough
- no negative point of the software (area for improvement) is mentioned (an unlikely situation for a real user)
- the time spent filling out the form is not normal
- the number of votes coming from the same domain (@ xxx.xx) is too high
- the vote deliberately seeks to destroy the reputation of one or more publishers for the benefit of another.

Moreover, to avoid frauds, the bsoco website refuses community access to users that have no business address.

Finally, there must be at least 5 votes before a particular software is assigned a bsoco index score.


How to increase the bsoco score for software?

As you can see, the bsoco team is committed to providing the most reliable index by reducing all possible fraud. Therefore, the only way to influence the index and software ranking is to invite real users to vote. There is no better arbiter than the users themselves. If you are a professional, invite your clients to take advantage of bsoco.


How to register software?

Software may be registered by any publisher, reseller or user who believes that their software should appear in the world rankings.


To register software, you have to be a member of the bsoco community and fill out the form by clicking here.


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