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Most recent votes

  • QuickerSite
    « Really nice to have a hot-line on a CMS. It's so rare. »
  • Joomla
    « Ideal for starter companies. »
  • GetSimple CMS
    « Super software. »
  • QuickerSite
    « It's pretty simple to use it. »
  • Joomla
    « Very powerful »
  • eZ Publish Platform
    « Simple and intuitive editing solution »
  • WordPress
    « A variety of templates (under WordPress they are called themes) »
  • JNetPublish
    « It is very easy to use »
  • Drupal
    « It integrates more things than Joomla »
  • JNetPublish
    « Strong, rapid and secure »

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The expert's advice

Choose your "cms website business" through the bsoco "cms website" software comparison tool

At the time where e-commerce overtakes certain sectors of traditional commerce, the internet site of a company is more than ever a window which has to be very attractive. But how? If graphically, the aesthetics is something important, the actualization of information, promotions, web 2.0 community messages is the most important. Our comparison CMS software can assist you.

CMS always addresses both populations. On the one hand, professional web designers, IT developers, advertising agencies, web agencies, etc ... And on the other hand, users, those who daily update the contents of the site : webmasters, web marketers, communication officers in the company, even for smaller structures managerial or sales teams. For this, the Bsoco index will indicate which software is able to combine these two types of profiles in this big jungle where software solutions are many: Mambo, Drupal, WordPress, Joomla (formerly Mambo), or for e-commerce Virtuemart.


How to choose your CMS?

Among our comparison CMS, you will find many open source software with which the web agency provides custom development. However, it is important to bear in mind that specific developments, if they tend towards the "hand-sewn," must generate their share of bugs and therefore dissatisfaction. For maximum reliability, choose a CMS software that meets your needs with its standard features. It must also be simple to use for access by the maximum number of employees in your company.


Thanks to our directory and our comparison Bsoco software, you can choose to target the most effective solutions on the market. Whatever the case, if you want professional results and optimized use of IT solution which you will remember, choose to combine (design, training, strategy).


Our cms website comparison chart will help you find your way by presenting the satisfaction index of the user community.