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6757 pts
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6468 pts
Power E-Mailer
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6468 pts
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6181 pts
Mail For You
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Most recent votes

  • Emailing Pro
    « the perfect fit for functionality and price »
  • Adobe Campaign
    « Fast, simple and easy to measure »
  • mailpro
    « The data export is perfect »
  • Mail For You
    « Targeting recipients of the campaign »
  • Emailing Pro
    « Easy to customise »
  • phpList
    « Easy to integrate with any website »
  • Email Marketing Software
    « Perfect for very large campaigns »
  • Izimailing
    « Sending of messages, newsletters, without going through the ISP »
  • CheetahMail
    « Very high level of software and it is the same for services. »
  • SendBlaster
    « The ability to analyze with Google Analytics is a plus. »

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The expert's advice

Choose your "email marketing business" through the bsoco "email marketing" software comparison tool

With e-mailing software you will be able to send easily and quickly publicity e-mails, loyalty emails or informative ones. All these tools, are generally developed to be accessible to all who are not competent with computers: you will be able to judge for yourself by observing ergonomic notes mentioned in the Bsoco e-mailing software comparator.


How to choose your e-mailing software?


The e-mailing software must be powerful, based on the statistics and on the reports indicating the increase in sales. How many recipients have read your e-mails? How many links have they clicked? How many are subscribed or not subscribed? These software ensure the management and sending of your newsletters and all claim to have the best solution to counteract sending these e-mails as spam. However, the problems behind spamming are complex and cannot be 100% guaranteed by these publishers.


If you wish to quickly attain your targets, the IT solutions of mail routing, whether in SaaS mode or in standalone purchase, present each of these particularities, the Bsoco index and its e-mailing comparison package will allow you to compare the efficiency of the different publishers on the market.

However, beyond the pure computer component, it may be relevant to be accompanied by e-marketing experts to build your campaigns and optimize the use of such software.


Our email marketing comparison chart will help you find your way by presenting the satisfaction index of the user community.