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Case study (emailing): Sending emailing, customer loyalty and newsletter with Infocob solutions

bsoco : Hello, I’d like to get right to the heart of the matter, namely, should e-mailing software serve to develop a company’s image, or its sales?

Jamie HSSINI : To start with, let me tell us that at INFOCOB Solutions, we are making a 70% of our turnover with our own customers.
An emailing software allows to stay in the customers’ minds, without forgetting that it also offer the possibility to win some new ones thanks to prospecting a large audience.
Touch the right persons, at the right moment, with the right message, with a low-cost solution, is the basics of communicating with the emailing. Establishing an emailing communication must be integrated in a multichannel strategy. Newsletters develop the firm’s image, while the email prospection has a precise objective like sell some new products or services.
To conclude, let me answer you that the emailing software created by INFOCOB Solutions allows firms to develop their image and sales thanks to a strategy which aim to associate customer loyalty and mass prospection.

bsoco : And as far as company image goes, isn’t sending out e-mails obnoxious? Aren’t the sending companies considered to be polluting people’s inboxes?

Jamie HSSINI : Sending Emailing without taking precaution can be more harmful than benefic. The Internet Service Providers controls really often emailing shipments to avoid customers being invaded by spam in their inboxes.
If you are listed as a spammer, it’s not only really harmful for your image, it’s also your email address, domain names that are registered in a blacklist.
Working with an updated data base is the best solution to make good emailing campaigns.
The emailing Software Fidécli’c by INFOCOB Solutions, has a powerful update service. The integrated contact database is being updated according to the unsubscribes made by the emailing recipients.
If the emailing are well targeted and well built (html version, text version, hosted images…) the risk of being considered as a spammer is really reduced.

bsoco : Your system can send e-mails or SMS text messages, why use one over the other?

Jamie HSSINI : The last version of our software offer the possibility to send emailing campaign, sms campaign and mailing. It’s a real communication tool with a powerful research module to create target groups and plan multichannel actions according to the objectives and audience.
INFOCOB Solutions and his “Advice and support“ service, recommend to establish the marketing actions in funnel : send an emailing to a large audience (services & products promotions) and use tracking results to send a SMS more personalized.

bsoco : Your system can send e-mails or SMS text messages, why use one over the other?

Jamie HSSINI : It’s the content relevance, before the contact qualification and the comportemental targeting which will ensure the success and achieve of your objectives.
My two advices are :
- You have to create a message which is in adequacy with the expected objectives and targets
- You need to have a database updated really often, to be in adequacy with the objective, message and target.
I might add a third one, which is always keep the objective, message and target in mind.

bsoco : Your fidecli’c emailing software can be sold alone or as an addition to the infocob crm solution. How can the crm be used more for multi-channel actions?

Jamie HSSINI : Our solutions are complementary and allow getting a 360° vision of the customer.
Setting up segmented marketing actions are not enough anymore. The market is waiting for individual actions. Customers and prospects want offers that are meeting their needs.
Today, databases are more and more numerous, dispersed, and not much qualified.
Infocob CRM software offers the possibility to mutualize data, to capitalize and to segment customers informations. It also permit to get more organized, to better collaborate and to communicate at the right moment with the possibility to plan multichannel actions (phoning, mailing, sms, emailing) according to the results of past actions.
All the services are connected and can work together.
Firms need to evaluate the benefits of every channel used and to centralize customer informations into a single place in order to considerate the customer.
A fine and detailed segmentation of your database is generator of really big added value.

bsoco : And finally, do you have any examples of clients you have recently worked with for whom your software has been a great success?

Jamie HSSINI : The customer : « Le Domaine de Brandois »
« Le Domaine de Brandois » is a company in the restoring hotel business. It’s the leader of this sector at the local level.
Needs :
# Develop its notoriety and make known its seminar activity at a national level.
# Establish a database with customer and prospect informations.
Our offer : Emailing Software + advices and support
The setting up of a solution coupling a customer relationship management software (CRM), advices and support about graphic communication and with the rent of a prospecting file to conquest some new customers.
During one year, we have worked together to reach the goal fixed.
- Solution set up, help of the graphic creation, redaction of the messages.
- Sending of newsletter to a prospect file
- Sending of an promotional offer to a the prospect file
- Training and support in communication.

Stakes :putting its customers in the heart of the strategy without forgetting the conquest of new customers.
“Domaine de Brandois” goal was to mix both (prospection & loyalty) with a multichannel strategy.
Prospecting with emailing has permitted to reach another audience which have visited the website with only one click.
Fideclic and his advice & support service permit to address a relevant message in terms of content and moment.
With our skills about CRM, our customer has made its teamworkers more sensitive about the fact of filling the database with customer and prospect informations. A simple calling from anybody for a piece of information became a potential customer integrated to the database.
Many marketing manager think that they know what the customer wants, whereas behaviour analysis before a communication action can improve marketing action and reactions.
Test, test and test again all the combinations of medias on different market segment is the best way to increase the return on invest.
Customers who use a multichannel strategy make six times more important gross revenue than a customer with a single channel strategy.
Evolutions :
Today, the « Domaine de Brandois » want to increase the attendance of its company encouraging cutomers to come back, in loyalty and increasing the value make them buy other products and services of the company.
To create this increase, we work together on scenarios using the CRM, targeted acquisition, direct and multichannel marketing (emailing, mailing, sms, push mobile…) et tomorrow, with social medias et individual push.
Now they should increase the mobile communication with our sms service to reinforce the multichannel strategy and the return on invest.

En 20 ans, INFOCOB Solutions a su développer des compétences et des services autour de la relation client à destination des PME-PMI de tout secteur d’activité qui souhaitent augmenter la productivité globale de leur entreprise.

En 2007, Infocob Solution développe un module Emailing suite à une forte demande de sa clientèle. Un outil de communication qui permet de gérer les campagnes Emailing personnalisées en toute simplicité depuis un PC, en toute autonomie en contrôlant les actions et les résultats. D’une liste de destinataires......vers une véritable base Contact

Une base contacts unique, enrichie par tous quotidiennement qu’ils soient clients, prospects, suspects, partenaires, fournisseurs, revendeurs, confrères, actionnaires ou autres. Vos contacts et interlocuteurs associés sont présents dans votre unique base de contacts.

Grâce à un nombre illimité de champs pour les fiches interlocuteur, vous pouvez qualifier de manière détaillée vos contacts et consigner toute l’information les concernant : coordonnées, fonction, adresse, centres d’intérêts, zone d’activité, ...

Notre spécialité :
- la conception d’un système d’information performant et fluide
- l’exploitation des données clients, prospects pour développer votre activité

Nos convictions et nos valeurs
Basé sur la compréhension de vos objectifs et de vos motivations, notre objectif est de vous apporter des solutions sur-mesure à fort ROI permettant le développement de l’activité de votre entreprise.

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