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Case study (RH) : How to boost talent management according to TalentSoft ?

bsoco : Talent management was born in America, does it have a place in France ?

Alexandre Pachulski : It was Performance Management and not Talent Management that was born in the US. Performance Management is a way of managing human capital management performance indicators: goal cascading, goal reviews allowing the achievement of the goals allocated to be checked, performer identification, bonus distribution, etc.

In Europe, on the back of initiatives such as the Borloo law in France in 2005, true talent management was born, which aims to strengthen employee employability. This is not about identifying performers - even if performance measurement indicators are useful- but about employee development according to three factors: the company's strategic challenges, employee competencies and employee aspirations. Talent Management has a whole psychosocial dimension differentiating it from simple competency management.

Therefore Talent Management really does have a place in Europe !

bsoco : You are also present in several European countries. Are the approaches to performance management different or identical?

Alexandre Pachulski : In terms of talent management, the approaches are quite similar across Europe. Nevertheless, we can discern three tendencies: the UK, which is very Performance Management focussed following the US model; France, where talent management is still primarily governed by HR and the legal duties related to the processes for which they are responsible; and finally the Nordic countries, who prioritise workers and employees entrusting them with true HR responsibilities. The Nordic countries offer more bottom-up approaches while France still offers a top-down approach.

bsoco : What 3 functions are essential for you in a Talent Management solution ?

Alexandre Pachulski : All the 'self-service' features that allow employees to express their wishes (training, mobility, missions, etc.) and to state their competencies (self-evaluation, online profile, etc.).

The ability to create forms very easily (interview, goal and latter part of career reviews, social climate survey, etc.) that are essential for gathering HR information.

All the dashboards and analyses that allow us to quantify the difference between the required profiles (competencies, experience, etc.) for the jobs and individuals' profiles.

bsoco : Are there currently proven and measured links between implementing a talent management solution and increases in a company's turnover? If yes, what should we expect ?

Alexandre Pachulski : Unlike industrial production software, talent management software cannot have very tangible ROI indicators.

Nevertheless we can measure productivity gains in HR processes, such as annual interview campaigns, which can now be launched and run in several hours, or the compilation of budgets in readiness for salary reviews.

On the other hand, taking account of the existing consensus on the importance of reaping full benefit from human capital in order to be competitive, companies have every interest in equipping themselves with the maximum means for avoiding turn-over, raising employee satisfaction and aligning their HR decisions with their short- and medium-term challenges.

bsoco : What point that we have not covered is, for you, very important in better managing and retaining talents ?

Alexandre Pachulski : It is important to bring the features proposed in the professional environment closer to the features and expectations that employees have developed in their personal environment, otherwise the talent management tools cannot be adopted by employees and managers.

Improving talent software ergonomics and visuals and strengthening the links to interactions developed on social media are consequently fundamental challenges for the proper implementation of the company HR policy.

Talentsoft is the European leader for cloud-based Talent Management software. Its complete Talent Management application allows to turn employees and managers into true HR partners by transforming yearly appraisals into a continuous and collaborative process.

With Talentsoft Performance & Competencies:

- Be more objective with social feedback and 360° appraisals;
- Accompany your employees with the help of decision-making tools: contextualized information, built-in intelligence, direct access;
- Take advantage of Talentsoft’s native integration: enhanced appraisals (automatic recovery of fixed objectives, dynamic display of competencies to be evaluated and a log of previous learning sessions) and ethical processes (centralising learning requests, consolidating mobility requests, and automatic completion of Talent Review).

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