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CeBIT 2015: responsive solutions for the digital transformation of companies

Scheer Group companies present in Hall 5, Booth D34

Under the headline „Digitize Your Business!“ Scheer Group companies are presenting their wide ranging scope of business services for the digital transformation of business models and processes in companies. The „big change” for companies lies in the dramatic increase in the speed of reaction to changes in markets and individual customer demands over and above the entire value chain for the business. With SAP, ARIS, Scheer BPaaS and the IMC Learning Suite, Scheer Group companies support customers in all stages of their decision making processes from the development of strategy through process design to
implementation. The main focus of its presence at CeBIT 2015 are Responsive Business Solutions for Industry 4.0, E-Commerce, E-Procurement und Compliance.

Today’s digital transformation touches all areas of private and business life, and at an ever increasing speed. The worldwide accumulation of data is doubling every two years due to the interconnectedness of products, services, customers and suppliers. This is leading to the far reaching transformation of all service oriented business processes. What is needed is high „responsivity“: quick response times and speed of adaption to changes in market conditions and individual customer demands going beyond the entire business value chain.

Company founder Prof Dr August-Wilhelm Scheer says “„Digital transformation” is a process that companies must actively design and pursue with responsive businessmodels that enhance their position in the digital economy and ensure they remain competitive. The Scheer Group company network, with its 800 employees, accompanies this process from the design of strategy, over implementation to operation with resources from a single source“.

Companies in the Scheer Group are presenting responsive business models and processes for Industry 4.0 at CeBIT, in the areas of predictive analytics, augmented reality and cyber-physical production.

The increasing share of costs represented by materials over the entire value chain and beyond makes the management and optimisation of purchasing processes a factor critical to success in companies. The aim must be close cooperation between consumers, purchasing management and suppliers.

Scheer E-Procurement offers cloud based services covering the areas of operative procurement from the origination of the need, authorisation and ordering to the delivery of the product. In addition to their high adaptability, Scheer E-Procurement solutions are notable for their seamless integration with differing supplier catalogues and systems such as SAP SRM. The digital transformation is creating ever new methods and procedures with which employees, customers and partners must become familiar. The effort required to train staff, and the safeguarded control of regular training sessions represent a particular challenge in sectors with rigorous compliance requirements such as the financial, chemicals and pharmaceuticals or healthcare sectors. Companies are increasingly obligated to train their employees in subjects such as IT security, Data security, anti-corruption measures and much more.

With IMC´s compliance and e-learning solutions based in the cloud, solutions which enable adherence to compliance guidelines and the gaining of qualifications for new methods and procedures are available directly at the workplace, whether mobile, office based or on the machine floor. Learning measures and progress through them are automatically documented and if necessary certified.

E-commerce systems such as SAP Hybris are developing into central platforms for the digital transformation of trade and consumer goods industries. Belonging to this is the linking of all sales channels and the use of different devices, including mobile ones in the same buying experience. Data exchange in real time and the cost effective use of the available data volumes are becoming factors critical to success. With Scheer E-Commerce, a pre-configured cloud based integration solution is being presented which, using best practice templates, can be quickly and flexibly deployed. The solution comprises the integration of all systems relevant to E-Commerce such as PIM, CRM, ERP, social media, payment and logistics systems.

About Scheer Group:

The fast growing IT companies comprising the Scheer Group represent a network of businesses notable for its high quality and innovative strength. In its development of products and services, particular focus is placed on the sector specific support and accompaniment of companies in their digital transformation. Close co-operation with science and research – not least through involvement in national research projects – increases the innovative strength of each company and opens new markets. The Professor of Business Informatics, inventor of the ARIS concept and successful entrepreneur August- Wilhelm Scheer owns significant holdings in all the companies in the network and supports them with his many years of experience in the IT sector. The aim is to bring together the best ideas and the brains behind them in order to support the companies‘ growth with a clear focus on adding value for their customers. The following companies belong to the Scheer Group: IDS Scheer Consulting, Scheer Management, IMC, e2e Technologies, Interactive Software Solutions und Backes SRT. You´ll find further Information under:

About IMC:

IMC is an international leading full-service provider for digital learning. The product and service portfolio ranges from bespoke e-learning content, authoring and publishing solutions to learning and talent management suites. Multimedia and video productions as well as business process guidance and compliance solutions are also an integral part of IMC´s offering. Worldwide, IMC´s all-embracing technologies and services support more than 1,000 companies, public institutions and educational establishments of all sizes and in all secto rs in the planning, developing and implementing of mature HR development strategies. On the MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) platform, interested parties from students to managers benefit from free publically available academic teaching. The company has its headquarters in Saarbruecken, branches in Munich and Freiburg and subsidiaries in Australia (Melbourne), Great Britain (London), Austria (Graz), Romania (Sibiu), Switzerland (Zurich) and in theUSA (Phoenix). IMC is also represented with partner offices in numerous other countries.



The Learning Suite, IMC’s learning management system, is the solution for the planning, management, implementation and control of your learning processes. Europe’s leading learning management system enables the detailed depiction of company-specific learning processes and structures regardless of industry and size of the company, ensures tailor-made and cost-effective further training for the target groups in accordance with the organisational goals and, using innovative technology, guarantees a high level of long-term information and performance for your staff.

"The super-friendly user interface and numerous layers of flexibility make for a robust solution." - David Wentworth, Senior Learning Analysts, Brandon Hall

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