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Cezanne HRís second autumn 2016 release includes features for Workspaces and workforce planning

Great new features and enhancements for Workspaces and workforce planning are now available with the second of the Autumn 2016 updates to Cezanne HR’s rapidly-growing online HR software suite.

With so much changing in the world of work, HR teams need technologies to help them manage and engage today’s workforce — and plan for tomorrow’s. It’s not enough for an HR software system to just be a great system of record, or even an automation platform. HR systems need to connect and engage employees, and provide actionable insight for HR and management.

The latest of the Autumn update to Cezanne HR reflects both: more flexibility around how Workspaces can be used to connect employees, and new features to help with workforce planning.

Additional options for HR portals in Workspaces

We’ve had great feedback from customers on the recent enhancements to the Workspaces area of Cezanne HR, so we’re delighted to announce another one: more control over the standard HR Portal in Cezanne HR.

Previously in Workspaces, there was a default company-wide portal, now organisations will have to opportunity to change change or hide portals based on their needs.

John Hixon, Cezanne HR’s R&D Director explains: “Many of our international customers have set up local portals for their employees, so they can provide appropriate access to country-specific information, such as handbooks or policies. These companies didn’t really have a need for a company-wide HR portal, so were keen to hide it. For other clients, the request was to be able to rename it, so as to reflect their own branding or positioning of their HR service. We’ve now enabled both of these features.”

Better insight for workforce planning

An ongoing challenge for every business is making sure they have the right people, in the right place, at the right time. That starts with knowing your people, the positions you have today and the requirements you will have in the future.

In Cezanne HR, it was always possible to run reports to see how many employees you had in each of your positions or job families, so you could use this to inform career development and planning. However, it wasn’t quite as simple to get a quick overview of where you had a shortfall – or surplus – of people against the expected headcount.

In this release, we’ve added new fields which makes this information much more visible, and a report that lets you quickly review all of the employees you have associated with a specific position/job family. You’ll find it simpler to stay on top of current requirement, and have more visibility over employees who could be developed to meet future needs.


Cezanne Performance is a flexible employee performance management software system that takes advantage of web and workflow technologies to streamline and improve the complete performance management process, from setting and agreeing performance goals and development activities to administering employee appraisals and performance reviews. Administration is reduced, the flow of information improved and everyone has more time to focus on the performance conversation.

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