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Chamilo is so simple to use that it can be used straight away after its installation with no previous experience on the LMS field. It reunites in one tool all one need to give a pro training to end users: videoconference, social network and a full set of resources to make learning an easy process.

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Publisher press

> 08/01/2016 - Quick install guide for Chamilo 1.10 on Digital Ocean

> 07/12/2015 - Interview (e-learning): Yannick Warnier, president of the non-profit association Chamilo and as CTO of the BeezNest group

> 26/02/2015 - BeezNest announces the release of Chamilo LMS 1.9.10

> 12/05/2014 - Noa Orizales Iglesias, communication coordinator for the Chamilo Association, answers our questions