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e-doceo launches a new version of its training platform

e-doceo, the French leader in digital learning, launches a brand new version of its e-learning platform with a firm focus on users and new web practices.

With more than 10 years’ experience developing e-learning platforms for its clients, e-doceo is a pioneer in its domain. Thanks to those tools, companies of all sizes can deliver online training to thousands of learners.

e-doceo’s training platform receives recognition each year, in the form of awards from some of the largest e-learning specialists in the world (Training Industry, Brandon Hall and bsoco, for example), and is now also sporting a makeover. Its new, less cluttered design is the outward face of major technological innovations with a clear objective: to enhance the learner experience and simplify access to training resources.

A tool centered on the best of that the social web has to offer

The acts of giving and receiving training are, first and foremost, exchanges with colleagues and instructors,” explains Jérôme Bruet, Managing Director. This is why e-doceo’s new platform spotlights educational exchanges. So long as they provide added educational value, the latest in the web’s social technologies are perfectly at home when included as part of training programs. This is the crux of digital innovation. With this in mind, e-doceo’s R&D team completely revamped the solution’s ergonomics, setting up an ingenious information flow at the core of the system, routed directly from the homepage and dedicated to teaching interactions.

The priority is to facilitate exchanges between learners, and between learners and their instructors, on the training resources in use. This is a concrete way of proactively integrating the 20% informal learning identified by Professor Allan Tough’s famous 70:20:10 model.

Motivation to learn: a factor for success

With this new version of its LMS (learning management system), e-doceo also invented the revolutionary concept of the “learning mindset.” A series of icons gives learners a glimpse of their degree of commitment to their training program, in the blink of an eye. “The experience we have gained over the course of more than 10 years has allowed us to develop tools that make each learner, now more than ever, the driver of their own success,” adds Jérôme Bruet. The platform also showcases top learners, which is a great way to incentivize employees to test themselves against their fellow team members.

Optimizing learner motivation serves another key purpose: achieving a strong follow-up rate among those students. This figure is key for course leaders wishing to track their progress on the platform in real-time. Additionally, it provides for objective assessments of the success of any given training action.

The platform was already a hit even before its general release, with 53% of e-doceo’s clients already opting for the upgrade in the space of just a few weeks.

To find out more, watch the demonstration video on the e-doceo learning manager 6 web page.

Talentsoft is the European leader for cloud-based Talent Management software. Its LMS (Learning Management System) allows training departments to deliver training contents, follow learner progress and engagement in their courses, and implement dedicated tutoring and coaching actions. Our LMS integrates powerful functionalities such as:

- Training courses and project management
- Learner follow-up thanks to a powerful analytics tool
- Employee skills management
- Graphic customization
- Community management: virtual classroom, social learning, likes and comments, badges, etc.

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