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ITANOVA is a company based in Paris and Barcelona, specializing in the development of projects based on digital content for on-line training within the corporate and the educational field.

ITANOVA develops and markets EasyProf®, an authoring software for the edition of multimedia content, which easily allows any expert with no prior programming knowledge, to create powerful online or offline courses. Courses can be published in any eLearning platform, website, Intranet or on a standalone basis. They can be viewed from any computer, Tablet or mobile device.

The three lines of activities proposed by ITANOVA are:

Marketing EasyProf software and its family of products (training and coaching included).
• Offering complete technological content editing solutions based on EasyProf.
• Offering totally customizable off-the-shelf courses (created with EasyProf).

These three "business lines" have evolved to a value-added modular global offer, combining each of the elements and directed specifically at two major market segments:
• Corporate segment (B2B): Major accounts.
• Education segment: Schools, universities and training centers.