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Evaluate the software

Index Bsoco wants to be a knowledge base "B2B".
In this respect, we only accept the votes brought from a professional framework, that is from an e-mail address belonging to a company or institution. Mail type addresses such as 'gmail' or 'hotmail' are not authorised.


Generals informations - Step 1/4
Declare a software

Questionnaire - Step 2/4
#1 How many times have you said to yourself << such and such functionality is missing in the software?>>

#2 How would you describe the use of the software?

#3 When you handle the software, how would you describe the response time (execution of functionalities)?

#4 How does this software meet your needs?

#5 What would you say about this software?

Questionnaire - Step 3/4
#6 How much confidence do you have in this software?

#7 How many times has the software been completely frozen (out of service)?

#8 Has it ever happened that the software loses or doesn't register information?

#9 In which technical environment and/or organisation do you use this software? (simple/complex)

#10 What impact does the software have on your professional activity?

#11 How would you describe the simplicity of the handling the software?

Questionnaire - Step 4/4
#12 How many training days have you followed on this software?

#13 How would you describe the interface of the software?

#14 How would you describe the help of the software?

#15 How do we navigate in the software?

#16 What was the training quality like for the handling of the software?

#17 How would you describe the hotline?

#18 Have you been supported during the implementation of the software in your company?

#19 Which communication method has been put in place by the software editor?

#20 What would you say about the community of users?

#21 How would you describe the level of service associated to this software?