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How to create training content faster?

To speed up production...

At the end of the ‘90s we saw the golden age of publishing companies specializing in e-learning: an ascendant phase permitting the development of production tools and experimentation in all directions.

Another tendency: for several years now we have seen the sector get hit hard. A number of consolidation moves have been made on the market (most recent events to date: Wiley’s purchase of Crossknowledge and Itycom’s purchase of Qoveo). After a phase of euphoria, of youthful folly where, frankly, certain publishers were able to sell their on-line training content at delirious prices, we have entered a phase of stabilization and maturity which, while comfortable, can also be frightening. Is this the end of inventiveness, the death knell of ambitious training projects combining play, design and learning? Only the future will tell…

Either way, the end of the crisis requires the constant tightening of budgets. To the point where certain organizations have decided to take a decisive step: to internalize. That is to say, to put in place their own e-learning production team. This is another trend we have observed since 2009.
Indeed, in recent years e-learning production tools have been refined, sharpened. It is now possible to produce quality on-line training content with proven and solid professional software. The bsoco barometer always shows lovely vitality in this sector. The question that logically arises here is: How can you produce training content faster?

To produce faster… take your time!

The first response is to internalize. To set up your own e-learning group can indeed be interesting if you want to reduce the time for developing your content. You avoid the back and forth with an external provider, you have a hand over your production schedule, you’re able to prioritize. In short, you have your hand on the wheel to achieve your goal and your foot on the gas to go as fast as you want.

But is it really that simple?

The answer is no. Because before being comfortably seated in your e-learning hot rod, a vehicle which will allow you to produce dozens of modules per year, you will require several practice laps: for months, sometimes for two or three years, during which you will put in place all of the tools, methods, processes and tables tailored to your needs. Internalizing doesn’t just entail equipment: it involves putting in place a well-oiled organization to securely implement these powerful tools.

In other words: to speed up production, take your time! Make your plans, start small and… learn from market pros.

To speed up production… learn alongside the very best!

There is nothing better than continuing to outsource certain projects to develop skills and tame methodologies before making them your own and adapting them to your work methods.

E-learning professionals will always bring a structure with the methods and skills you will need to acquire over time.

And above all, promise me one thing: promise me not to forget education along the way… the most important thing should remain the learner, he’s the final judge of your work! I can assure you he will not care that you produced your content two or three times as quickly. On the other hand, he will stay away from your training if it projects an image of shoddy, or even worse, amateurish work… Declining use of your training platform was not exactly the result you had in mind, right?

In a nutshell: learn to produce faster, yes, but learn to produce WELL!

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Infomercial - 05/26/2014