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6627 pts
ADP Decidium (Paie)
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6451 pts
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6394 pts
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5062 pts
EBP Paye
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4912 pts
SD Worx
SD Worx
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Most recent votes

  • SD Worx
    « Too much french »
  • MZDY
    « Very good service »
  • MZDY
    « suitable for fast data entry »
  • Ciel Paye
    « You save time by reusing the previous month's bulletins »
  • e-Paye
    « e-Pay has allowed us to save time and be more productive »
  • EBP Paye
    « Prints Assedic certificates, for illness and for work accidents »
  • MZDY
    « simplicity »
  • Ciel Paye
    « The adaptation software is very fast »
  • ORHUS V6
    «  repository of jobs and skills »
  • ORHUS V6
    « Management of salary increases »

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The expert's advice

Choose your "payroll hr" through the bsoco "payroll" software comparison tool

Dealing effectively with your team payroll by exploiting powerful software, simple, intuitive and tailored to your everyday management needs: this is your objective. There is no doubt that the Bsoco comparison chart of payroll software will help you.


The legislative and regulatory development is getting more complex and involves the development of tools for processing salaries. Payroll software can also provide support in personnel management, eg publishing contracts or social statements.


How to choose a payroll software?

You will need to determine the list of features you would expect. For this, it is important to reflect on the tasks requiring the payroll administration, to identify the features necessary for optimal and simplified management. You can compare them with descriptive lists provided by publishers and determine if a standard package is right for you or whether, instead, a customized solution is more effective.


The pay packages can be integrated to the company’s HRIS or operated in logic "best of breed" as a separate application. The choice is up to you, the experiences of community Bsoco are diverse. Study them in our comparison chart of payroll software.


Our payroll comparison chart will help you find your way by presenting the satisfaction index of the user community.