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Interview (accounting) : Matt Williams, Yooz Inc., answers our questions

bsoco : Can you give a few words to present your company?

Matt Williams : Yooz is ITESOFT's SaaS division.

ITESOFT is a recognized leader in automated document processing. Yooz thus inherits ITESOFT's 30 years of technological expertise in the process automation sector.

By combining performance and simplicity, Yooz now gives all organizations, regardless of their size, an opportunity to access these technologies.

bsoco : What exactly is "invoice automation?"

Matt Williams : Invoice automation consists of replacing paper-based processing with an electronic process based on scanned copies of invoice documents, in PDF format for example. Yooz automates all processing steps: scanning, automatic recognition, posting and allocation, electronic approval cycles, exporting posts to ERP systems and accounting packages, and electronic archiving.

Yooz is involved with a given company's accounting process from the moment invoices are received, replacing manual data entry steps with automatic data recognition technology that forwards accounting data on to management tools. It then handles the invoice approval cycle electronically.

bsoco : How do users benefits from your solutions?

Matt Williams : The first obvious benefit is process optimization: invoice processing cost and time are cut in half, at least. Processing is more reliable and data is more secure. Invoices may be tracked throughout the entire process and your management tools are updated automatically, which means real-time management is finally possible.

Redundant tasks are eliminated, leaving people more time for activities with greater value added. Formerly slow and cumbersome, the entire traditional process is now optimized and made more reliable.

In short, let us say that Yooz brings cost savings, visibility, error reduction, and reliability.

bsoco : Why is it interesting to use SaaS mode?

Matt Williams : With SaaS mode, users benefit from solutions as Internet services without having to invest in hardware or software. The service is accessible 24/7 from any computing device connected to the Internet, anywhere in the world.

The SaaS model makes document automation even more attractive for multi-site companies, and for companies whose organization requires people to travel frequently.

bsoco : No paper... is that a dream or actual reality ?

Matt Williams : The 1,000 clients who use Yooz can tell you that it is no longer a dream, and that it is indeed a reality. All invoices are handled electronically. No more paper documents circulate around the company. Approval is handled on-screen. Invoices cannot be lost. There is no longer any need to make photocopies or to file documents.

The increased reliability and security that these solutions provide is truly remarkable.

bsoco : In that case, what will be the internal and external impact of implementing document automation solutions such as yours ?

Matt Williams : Using Yooz reduces invoice processing time and increases productivity by as much as 70%. The solution ensures more reliable data and makes document archiving more secure. Wherever they may be, users have access to all authorized documents in electronic format, which means that distance is no longer a barrier to effective collaboration. With Yooz, managers get a real-time view of their order and invoice processes, and benefit from complete traceability for all interventions. To summarize, we can say that Yooz makes processing more reliable, more secure, more economical, and it increases team collaboration!

Yooz brings intelligence to AP automation. It is designed and built for the era of cloud computing, empowering SMEs to streamline their financial workflow in order to save time and money. Yooz was developed by ITESOFT (PARIS:EN), a European company that has for more than 30 years been a leader in intelligent document capture and process automation. Yooz is now an independent company within ITESOFT-Yooz Group and has more than 1,300 customers. For more information, visit

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