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Interview (EPM): Vasily Klimko, Marketing Director at, makers of Genius Project

bsoco:  How does Genius Project fit into the world of EPM today?

Vasily Klimko: Genius Project provides the necessary high-level and detailed project and portfolio reporting for improved visibility across an entire organization. Projects can be mapped to organizational business structures delivering project statuses, budget variance and completion timelines for all projects from a single system.

Our software employs project management fundamentals to ensure project success. Focusing on centralizing project management plans, project schedules, project metrics, and project reporting in a single system.

bsoco: What makes you unique and different from other EPM solutions?

Vasily Klimko: The difference between Genius Project and other EPM solutions, is that we take a  bottom up approach to planning and a top down approach to portfolio management. Most of the other tools manage portfolios of projects but they’re not as strong in the project management piece - we excel in both.

bsoco:  Your solution is available in SaaS. How does the deployment of your product compare with other EPM products?
Vasily Klimko: Our SaaS model can be deployed quickly, within a matter of days or weeks depending on client requirements, whereas most other EPM systems can take months. It’s quicker to install and easier to configure and map to companies’ business processes.

bsoco:  What do you think are the most common reasons why some EPM strategies fail?

Vasily Klimko:
The main reason is that a company is lacking the skills internally and the right processes; in other words, they haven’t reached the required maturity for an EPM strategy. These companies will often turn to getting a project management solution in an attempt to solve the issue, but without this maturity it’s difficult to achieve success. We wrote an excellent white paper on this topic that goes deeper into the subject.

bsoco: What development methodologies do you use and what is the next step?

Vasily Klimko: We use a combination of Waterfall and Agile. As a next step, we’re moving more towards Agile.


Genius Project is a Project Management software helping you managing your projects, flexible, configurable and adaptable to your organization’s business processes.

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