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Who are we?

bsoco was created in 2014 in the Czech Republic by consultants specialized in the benchmark and giving advice to businesses in regards to choosing professional IT solutions.


The idea to create the bsoco site was born out of two realizations. The first is no matter how pertinent the consultant or advisor, he is never in the user's shoes and subsequently his/her analysis is too often structural and not operational enough. The second is that the community of users are: either secured spaces, navigated by the publishers themselves; or are open spaces which are slightly instructive and allowing users to vent.


The bsoco innovation consists in building a communal site which questions the users on the observable behavior in the software. The analyzing issue is thus not a verbalized feeling but the translation by a factual index of the experience of the users.


With bsoco, the community does not oppose itself to analysis of consultants specialized in IT applications. On the contrary, the site offers a recognized window for those experts who wish to combine their advice in strategic approach with the bsoco index, which in turn provides a synthetic sheet based on operational behavior.


The ethics have also been built in the core of the system, in effect the people voting are filtered by their e-mail address (limited to professional addresses) but also by the validation of their knowledge of the tool for which they vote.


In less than one year, the site has met a very strong success and is spreading as a key decision making tool for packages.


Whether you are users, buyers, or consultant in the field of professional software, the directory and bsoco index will assist your development.