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8440 pts
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7491 pts
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7093 pts
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7049 pts
Epicor ERP
Epicor Software Corporation
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6929 pts
OpenInfo3W ERP
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Most recent votes

  • Infor ERP
    « Flexible and Easy to use, with access via a web browser. »
  • Comunion ERP
    « This is an ideal solution for our company of 80 employees. »
  • VisionCore
    « This is the first time we've really been able to get exactly what we wanted in an accounting program and in addition the implementation was done in a timely manner. »
    « The excellent network of certified distributors and integrators allowed us to deploy our ERP in India, Germany, England, Spain and France. With success! »
  • Neogia
    « Interface is very visual and very friendly »
  • WorkBook
    « Workbooks provides an excellent end to end application to manage your services business. »
  • WorkBook
    « This software is quite easy to use due to its very intuitive UI, and since it's a cloud system, extremely easy to set-up. »
  • WorkBook
    « Workbook is a great software for the professional services environment especially Advertising »
  • Deacom
    « Powerful »
  • ERP5
    « You can implement an ERP at a lower cost »

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The expert's advice

Choose your "erp management" through the bsoco "erp" software comparison tool

More than any other software package, this issue is crucial when it comes to ERP IT solutions (Enterprise Resources Planning) as they are structuring for companies. Let us guide you through our directory of ERP and ERP comparison chart.


How to choose your ERP?

Choosing this type of application is often a crucial step in the life of SMEs, so you should not only list your short term needs but also envision yourself in 3, 5 or 10 years. This exercise is particularly difficult and requires a holistic view taking into account the evolution strategy of the company but also all the possibilities offered by the future company management software you are planning to integrate.


Users should be involved in the implementation process. Bsoco community will then be very helpful because there are users of today that speak to users of tomorrow. Use the Bsoco ERP comparative tool to preselect your software.


Implementation of an ERP software package or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in an enterprise, involves major changes for end users. This change management must be specially prepared and monitored as it involves risk of generating a refusal from users and therefore project failure. It is strongly advised to get expert consultants in the field.


Our erp comparison chart will help you find your way by presenting the satisfaction index of the user community.