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Newsletter2Go explains why email isn't dead

For years, we've been hearing that email is dead or about to die. Yet in 2015, it is still alive and better than ever! 

Newsletter2Go explains in 3 points why email is still the most effective communication channel.

1. Email is personal.

One might think that Facebook and Twitter are ideal platforms for building a personal relationship with a customer. They're not. Just have a look at the endless Twitter stream and you will understand how easily your message can get lost.

Emails, on the other hand, achieve ‘one-to-one’ personal communication. And by using the double-opt in procedure, you can ensure that your newsletters always reach the right recipients.

Moreover, with a professional email marketing tool such as Newsletter2Go, you can easily segment your recipients and personalise your offer, so that each client receives content that is specific to them.

Not to mention that email remains the preferred channel for professional communication. Yes: email means business.

2. Email is value-for-money.

An email costs 0.01 cents on average whilst a letter costs at least 29 cents.

With a professional email marketing tool such as Newsletter2Go, you can create a newsletter in minutes, saving time, money... and paper (that's right: email marketing is also the most environmentally friendly marketing channel!)

3. Email is measurable.

For 52% of marketers, the main source of frustration in social marketing is measuring ROI.

But this poses no problem for email marketers! Indeed, the features of a professional email marketing tool such as Newsletter2Go allow you to easily evaluate the success of your campaigns through click rates, open rates, conversions, heat maps and much more.

You will be able to quantify your success, measure your ROI and optimise your email marketing campaigns for the future.

A few stats for the road:

- there are over 4 billion email accounts in the world

- 74% of consumers prefer to be informed about new products by email

- 66% of internet users have made an online purchase after receiving an email marketing message

- 91% of consumers check their email inbox at least once a day

The only way to understand the power of email marketing is to try it out yourself.

Newsletter2Go gives you 1,000 free emails a month and offers all the features you need to create successful newsletters!

‘Simply better newsletters’

Newsletter2Go provides the best and most intuitive email marketing solution on the market.

Newsletter2Go’s software is specifically tailored to online retailers, which is demonstrated by its many integrations for online shops and its unique features such as 1 click product transferral or automatic recipient synchronisation.

The Newsletter2Go cloud software is:

Easy to use – thanks to an intuitive editor allowing responsive newsletters to be designed in minutes.

Secure – due to 256-Bit SSL encryption and Newsletter2Go’s strong commitment to European data protection laws.

Powerful: thanks to whitelisted servers and numerous certifications, which mean that Newsletter2Go can offer excellent delivery rates!

Once a newsletter is sent, Newsletter2Go’s many tracking and evaluation features provide everything the analytical heart desires, ranging from open rates and click rates to visual geotracking.

To summarise, Newsletter2Go shines through with its free e-commerce integrations (Magento, Prestashop, SeoShop, Shopware, Woocommerce, etc.), its professional features (A/B testing, tracking, marketing automation, etc.) and its top delivery rates!

And last but not least: With Newsletter2Go, you can send up to 1,000 emails a month for free! ….

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