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Official launch of MOS Player for iPad

At MOS – MindOnSite, we believe that time lost in travelling is time gained for training!

On Thursday 16 May 2013, MOS – MindOnSite organized a webinar to officially present its brand new eLearning content player for offline use: the MOS Player for iPad app.

Ana BARFIELD, Product Manager, and Catherine LEBRUN, Solutions Architect, described this native application in terms of its technical functionalities and practical benefits for learners and presented the various support documents that have been created by MOS – MindOnSite for its users. After half hour presentation, the attendees, coming mostly from France and Switzerland, joined in a Q&A session where they were able to raise their questions and discuss them with the presenters. This webinar officially launched the MOS Player for iPad app. More events to come!

June 2013: MOS – MindOnSite will be organizing a webinar on blended learning, animated by experts in the fields of teaching and multimedia engineering (FR).

For more information, visit our website and join us on LinkedIn.

MOS Player for iPad, content player for offline use

To meet the needs of the ever growing population of iPad users, MOS – MindOnSite has designed and added to its MOS Player product range a brand new solution: a native app for the iPad, MOS Player for iPad.

The MOS Player for iPad app is the ideal solution for those who wish to follow their eLearning courses when they are on the road - or on their sofa. Learners can download their eLearning courses in order to follow them when they are no longer online. They can pause their training at any time and pick up later exactly where they left off. All scores and progress data are automatically synched with the MOS Chorus Learning Management System (LMS), as soon as the user goes back online.

Send us an email [email protected] for any further information and go to the App Store to download your very own MOS Player for iPad, completely free of charge.

About MOS - MindOnSite -

MOS – MindOnSite is a leader on the European market in the development of learning management and learning content creation solutions for online and offline use. MOS – MindOnSite is a Swiss company that has been active for more than 12 years.

The company’s innovative solutions in the domains of eLearning, mobile learning, and blended learning are powerful, innovative, and highly adaptable in terms of graphics and functions.

Key success factors:
- a dedicated team of experts
- market recognition (its LMS MOS Chorus was selected in 2010 and 2012 as a ’Top 20 Learning Portal Company’ by
- innovative products (all solutions are continuously evolving and use the latest web technologies)
- a solid and diverse client base (200+ clients from SMEs to large corporations, local and international) and specialized partners network
- embedded synergies with the Demos Group, a large international group and a leader in professional training.

MOS Player for iPad lets you follow your eLearning courses on your iPad offline. Time lost in travelling is time gained for training!
To meet the needs in mobile learning of the ever growing population of iPad users, MOS – MindOnSite extended the benefits of MOS Player to those who spend a lot of time travelling. With MOS Player for iPad, learners download their eLearning modules before leaving and follow them offline. They can interrupt their training at any time and pick up later exactly where they left off. They sync their locally saved progress and results with the MOS Chorus LMS platform as soon as they are back online.
Due to the application’s SCORM 2004 compliance and automatic synchronisation, administrators can safely distribute SCORM compatible learning content, latest news and announcements and easily monitor the learners’ progress. MOS Player for iPad is available for free on the App Store.

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