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OpenERP now free of charge for schools on Saas


If you want to use a professional ERP in an educational environment at no charge, then OpenERP is the right tool for you. OpenERP has decided to empower teachers and professors worldwide with its powerful ERP for free for educational purposes!


Using OpenERP is ideal for classes like business management, accounting, sales, human resources, etc. So, now schools interested in providing courses on OpenERP will benefit from a program that help them:
• teach and work with the present technology and business management practices around ERP;
• study real cases of implementation of an ERP in enterprises;
• prepare students for the labor market by emphasizing the importance of ERP on trades and skills of IT Management


All this is done on our online platform, where teachers can manage an unlimited number of different users /students and databases. On top of that, teachers are equipped with a complete official training material of OpenERP (exercises, solutions, OpenERP documentation...)


There are just a few conditions, that shouldn't be difficult to meet, like school/university name, grade of the students, name of the course you plan to have on OpenERP and a brief description of the course and objectives. Our goal is to create a community of people sharing their knowledge on OpenERP.


The access to OpenERP online will be given with a special promo code. After 6 months, all the databases created with your promo code will be all deleted.