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Serious Factory is enhancing its authoring software VTS Editor by integrating new high-quality synthetic voices

Suresnes, 5 September 2017 – Serious Factory is announcing the integration of ReadSpeaker speech synthesis technology to meet the growing need for innovative and immersive learning within the context of increasingly realistic training. Serious Factory is constantly taking new services on board so that users of the authoring software VTS Editor can benefit from the newest technological innovations on the market.

Enhancing performance by making training more realistic

Speech synthesis makes total sense in the context of training and apprenticeship. It enables lively, stimulating, interactive vocal situations to be set up, where the learner takes part in the dialogue. The authoring tool developed by Serious Factory makes scenario customisation straightforward, so that instructional designers can readily create different versions of training and coaching for different geographical areas and languages. In this context, the available range of voices enables adaptation for different training contexts, with perfect reconstruction of information and emotions, resulting in attractive, stimulating audio. 

Learners can thus train themselves in conditions that closely resemble their own situation, and have more opportunity to work on the behavioural aspect of their training (attitudes, cultural specifics, etc.).

The power of speech synthesis applied to the simulations produced with VTS Editor

To make simulations an even more effective means of assimilating knowledge and developing skills, Serious Factory is now integrating ReadSpeaker speech synthesis technology in order to make virtual characters more realistic. High-quality text to speech means learners are totally immersed in a virtual environment that closely models their own situation. This has many advantages:

  • Training content is remembered more fully;
  • The learner feels more involved and remains engaged throughout the immersive scenarios;
  • Social skills are developed, because the high quality of speech synthesis makes the virtual characters “intelligent”;
  • The content is more accessible.

“The variety of voices and languages offered by ReadSpeaker, combined with the rich emotional range of our virtual characters, means we can offer our clients dialogues that are very realistic, resulting in tremendously engaging immersion. This technology is every bit as vital for our users, as it gives them immense flexibility when writing and modifying their scenarios,” says Pierre Grout, the Manager responsible for the VTS Editor authoring software developed by Serious Factory.

“Because of the high quality of our synthetic voices, which are recognised as among the best on the market, instructional designers can, with a single click, test the voices on the desired content and make their Serious Games even more realistic. With a range of voices across the 10-plus languages integrated into VTS Editor, speech synthesis constitutes an excellent alternative to studio voices,” says Marie-Ségolène Migairou, ReadSpeaker Sales Director France.

An incredible opportunity for education

Speech synthesis technology is especially well suited to the education sector in the context of the flipped classroom, as it enables more scenarios to be designed by students and/or teachers, thus increasing the pedagogical impact of lessons. The option of adding voices to pedagogical role-play scenarios makes it possible to contextualise content and tailor lessons to suit individual needs.

These resources even constitute an accessibility tool for many learners and can be readily adapted for young people who are struggling at school, for example by making learning more interactive and meaningful. Coupled with the effectiveness and diversity of the ReadSpeaker voices, scenarios produced with VTS Editor can also be used by teachers and pupils to write dramas and role plays that help pupils to learn how to manage conflict or express themselves in new ways, or even for creating detective-type games. Scenarios can also be used to help students find out for themselves about a specific sector or occupation, by letting them experience what it is like be a doctor, engineer, restaurant-owner, project manager, craftsperson, etc.).

By designing proper simulators for self-training, and speech synthesis for improved immersion, Serious Factory and ReadSpeaker have extended that bit further the range of possibilities within the domains of customised distance learning and personalised teaching.


Guillaume RUZZU, Head of Marketing and Communication                    

Direct line: +33 (0)1 70 71 98 43


Marie-Ségolène Migairou, ReadSpeaker Sales Director France

Direct line: +33 (0)1 58 62 20 83

About Serious Factory

Serious Factory publishes immersive simulators for training purposes and for use as sales aids, in order to support businesses in transforming their customer relationships and management practices.
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The world leader in the field of text to speech, ReadSpeaker publishes online and embedded solutions based on the latest text-to-speech technology. For further details:

Serious Factory designs innovative solutions for professional training, to foster acquisition of skills. To meet the growing demand of “simulation” type educational devices, Serious Factory developed the authoring version of its Virtual Training SuiteTM software.

Aimed at instructional designers, elearning project managers or training consultants, VTS EditorTM is an authoring software for Digital Learning, allowing to create virtual trainings, quickly and easily, all at low cost.
With its intuitive graphic editing mode and easily configurable blocks, the designer can set up rich educational scenarios in record time, composed of scenes with realistic backgrounds and avatars with reactions that change in real time. The result is compatible with many platforms (PC, Mac, Windows, HTML) and meets the requirements of LMS via export to native SCORM.

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