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Serious Factory opens a new office in Israel

Serious Factory, a leading provider of innovative learning solutions, continues its international expansion in Israel with the opening of a new office. After Morocco, Canada, and the United States, this is the fourth office that Serious Factory has opened in less than two years.


Providing the missing link between training and learning: regular practice as a way to develop skills

Skill development has become a key concern for any organisation that wants to make its employees more effective and more efficient. In a climate of budgetary restrictions and races against time, what better than a simulator to regularly subject learners to conditions that most resemble their professional reality? The advantages are numerous, for both organisations and learners – employees play an active role in their learning, foster their skills and the good practices that should be mastered, and develop the attitudes and reflexes required by their work on a daily basis. All this is possible thanks to virtual environments. They lead to greater involvement and a strong commitment to training from the part of learners.

Serious Factory Israel, at the heart of innovative learning approaches

With its innovative learning solutions, Serious Factory Israel offers Serious Games and simulations tailored to every training need within a company. Thanks to virtualisation, any everyday situation can be addressed, whether face-to-face sales, telephone prospecting, in-store after-sales, patient admittance to hospitals, facilitating meetings, cross-cultural management, recruitment interviews, and more.

Serious Factory Israel is fully committed to innovative learning approaches with its VTS Editor authoring software. A unique concept on the professional training market and world renowned in the field of authoring software, VTS Editor helps Israeli organisations create immersive learning scenarios without the need for any particular technical or graphical expertise.

With VTS Editor, Serious Factory seeks to broaden the immersive approach to learning to make training programmes more interactive, more relevant, and more effective. Learners are immersed in specific situations that they experience every day.

Internationally recognised expertise

Whether used for teaching or to develop good behavioural practices, VTS Editor authoring software is becoming increasingly popular and is now used in various professional contexts as well as in the education sector. For this reason, Serious Factory was a finalist in the Global EdTech Startups Awards 2017 and was named the winner of the International Hackathon in Paris, organised by BNP Paribas last June.

According to Daniel Bouenos, Development Manager in Israel for Serious Factory, “the Israeli market was waiting for an innovative player in the field of Digital Learning that would be able to meet training-related challenges and offer companies truly effective and engaging solutions for learners. The opportunities offered by the authoring software VTS Editor to create Serious Games 70% quicker have already caught the attention of large companies, and even schools and universities, as a way to develop new approaches such as the flipped classroom”. William Pérès, President and CEO of Serious Factory, added: “Israel is one of the major players worldwide when it comes to technological innovations. We are proud that we can contribute our expertise and new training methods based on regular practice and the sharing of good personal practices to improve the performance of all Israeli companies”.

Serious Factory designs innovative solutions for professional training, to foster acquisition of skills. To meet the growing demand of “simulation” type educational devices, Serious Factory developed the authoring version of its Virtual Training SuiteTM software.

Aimed at instructional designers, elearning project managers or training consultants, VTS EditorTM is an authoring software for Digital Learning, allowing to create virtual trainings, quickly and easily, all at low cost.
With its intuitive graphic editing mode and easily configurable blocks, the designer can set up rich educational scenarios in record time, composed of scenes with realistic backgrounds and avatars with reactions that change in real time. The result is compatible with many platforms (PC, Mac, Windows, HTML) and meets the requirements of LMS via export to native SCORM.

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