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The free software directory and the index of comparison of the software bsoco allow you to identify the level of satisfaction of the users of each of the listed applications.

You can consult the free sheets after creating an account on the site.

When you will yourself answer a questionnaire for the package, you can then consult unlimited fact sheets. If you haven't answered even one of the bsoco investigations, you will then only be able to access 30 free sheets.


bsoco index Software Publisher Benchmark sheet
8232 pts Neolane Neolane Inc. >> I consult >> I vote!
8010 pts CheetahMail CheetahMail >> I consult >> I vote!
7833 pts Sarbacane Sarbacane Software >> I consult >> I vote!
7785 pts Emailvision Emailvision >> I consult >> I vote!
7468 pts power emailer Magic-Soft >> I consult >> I vote!
7434 pts Dolist DOLIST.NET >> I consult >> I vote!
7371 pts Mailpro AgenceWeb SA >> I consult >> I vote!
7179 pts Mail For You ANTHEMIS >> I consult >> I vote!
7104 pts Phplist Phplist >> I consult >> I vote!
7009 pts Izimailing Softiciel Editions >> I consult >> I vote!
6866 pts Emailing Pro Emailing Pro >> I consult >> I vote!
6850 pts SendBlaster sendblaster >> I consult >> I vote!
6499 pts Email Marketing Studio Live software >> I consult >> I vote!
4898 pts eMill Active+ Software >> I consult >> I vote!
4614 pts Kmailer Brezosoft Corporation >> I consult >> I vote!
4141 pts iemailer Bulk Email Software >> I consult >> I vote!
3700 pts Atomic Email Studio AtomPark Software >> I consult >> I vote!
2330 pts DREAMmail DREAMmail >> I consult >> I vote!
WBR* EmailBrain Dotster Unavailable* >> I vote!
WBR* JangoMail Silicomm Corporation Unavailable* >> I vote!
WBR* Fairlogic WorldCast Fairlogic Systems Unavailable* >> I vote!
WBR* Mailkit Xland. CZ Unavailable* >> I vote!
WBR* Handymailer Bladesoft Corporation Unavailable* >> I vote!
WBR* Expedite Simplicity Unavailable* >> I vote!
WBR* List Sorcerer List Sorcerer Unavailable* >> I vote!
WBR* Nesox Email Marketer Nesox Solutions Unavailable* >> I vote!
WBR* ENEWS NAOS Technologies Unavailable* >> I vote!
WBR* Mail Metrics eMailing Mail Metrics Unavailable* >> I vote!

*WBR = Without bsoco Rank : bsoco does not contain enough information on this software to evaluate it.




The benchmark sheets are paid.

To facilitate your reading, please note that:
. From 7 000 pts to 10 000 pts = Excellent high level software perfectly meeting the expectations of users
. From 5 500 pts to 7 000 pts = Good level software, correctly meeting needs
. From 4 000 pts to 5 500 pts = Average software not perfectly meeting the expectations of users . Less than 4 000 pts = Faulting software and not adapted to the category in which it has been declared

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