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Tactileo Pro, your intuitive learning platform for academic and professional training. Tactileo allows you to create interactive multimedia content, instantly share it on screen as well as on the learner’s tablets, smartphones or pcs. Tactileo is a unique tool to create and share multimedia content, to make your teaching sessions, your training and your local or remote meetings more appealing and dynamic, in an online or offline mode. Present, evaluate, pol, animate... Simulate your audience and improve your presentations!

The Tactileo Pro experience will save time, motivate and facilitate the interaction allowing to learn with cutting edge tools.

More than 2,5 millions users, why not you?

Publisher press

> 17/01/2018 - Discover the Tactileo digital learning platform at Learning Technologies London 2018 - Stand S9

> 13/12/2016 - Interview (e-learning): Romain Gibert, Sales Manager of Maskott