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We inform you that you should not at any point reproduce, copy, sell, resell or exploit for commercial purposes or for any other purposes, all or any part of this site and its contents. The bsoco concept and questionnaire are copyright protected.


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Any other use, without prior authorization of the owners of the bsoco site and/or any others having rights, will be treated as counterfeit and subject to sanctions in the name of intellectual property.


Any complete or partial reproduction of bsoco materials and their placement on unauthorized Websites without the express written consent of bsoco is prohibited. By browsing the bsoco site you accept these General Conditions of Use of the site and its associated services.


General Conditions of Use of the site and service


The bsoco site can freely revise its General Conditions of Use so as to adapt them to changes in the site and its contents. Consequently, we invite you to refer to them during each visit so as to acquaint yourself with the latest version which is always available online on the site. You are then free not to access the site and its contents if the conditions do not suit you.


We inform you that at any moment the bsoco site can modify or temporarily or indefinitely interrupt its site and its contents without giving prior notice.


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In the event you are a minor, you must declare and recognize having received the authorization of your parents or one (or more) responsible parties having your charge to register. The person(s) in charge of you, parents or responsible parties, must subject themselves to the General Conditions of Use.


The parents or responsible parties are invited to monitor the use of the site, its services and contents as it is accessed by their children, and should bear in mind the fact that this information is intended for the public at large and that as parents or legal guardians, it is their responsibility to determine if the site, its contents and services are appropriate or not for their child or children, and they should monitor their use of it.


When filling out the registration form, you are obliged to provide accurate, up-to-date and complete information. Moreover, you agree not to use any pseudonym in your email address which could infringe upon third party rights (particularly the use of a patronymic name, a pseudonym, someone else's brand, or anything protected by copyrights) no matter the reason.


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The bsoco site reserves the right to reject your application or your participation in voting if your e-mail address is not professional or functional.


The bsoco site confirms receipt of your application via the e-mail address which you provide.


The bsoco site hereby reserves the right to remove your vote if any of the following occurs: your profile is not compatible with that of a software end-user (e.g. reseller, publisher) or the description of your positive and negative points is not precise enough or no negative point of the software (an improvement axis) is mentioned (an unlikely situation for a real user) or the time duration for filling out the form is not compatible with the normal response time or the the number of votes coming from your internal domain (@ xxx.xx) is too high or your vote deliberately seeks to destroy the image of one or more publishers for the benefit of another.


The bsoco site checks the quality of each vote and reserves the right not to accept your vote if it does not comply with the quality commitment of the bsoco community.


The bsoco site will not be held responsible for user application data failing to reach the website for any reason whatsoever (for example, an internet connection problem on the user’s end due to any reason, or sudden malfunctioning of servers, etc..) or if the data received is hard to read or impossible to process, (for example if the user possesses IT material or a software environment which is inadequate for registration).


The bsoco site disclaims any responsibility for eventual contestations, actions or recourse by third parties claiming to have privileged rights to all content not created by the bsoco site, such as the comments left by other users.


To access and use this site and its services, you will be asked to provide personal information. This information is provided voluntarily and will only be used to fill in the database used by the bsoco comparison tool (Directory, bsoco index, Fact sheet, Benchmark sheet).


The data collected is necessary to:
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. Calculate the bsoco Index
. Fill in the data in the fact sheet
. Inform you of services offered on the site
. Establish statistics on the frequency of visitors to different areas of the website
. Ensure the technical administration and security of the site
. Identify abuse of the site


According to current laws, the handling of your personal data in countries exploiting the bsoco site is subject to declaration vis-à-vis legal institutions.


The bsoco site is the sole destination of this data. In effect, unless you give explicit authorization, your data is not communicated to third parties.


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If you cannot access, modify or delete your information according to the above procedure, you may submit a request through e-mail via the contact form on the site.


Beyond that, your personal data will be stored exclusively for statistical purposes and there will not be any exploitation of any nature whatsoever.


The bsoco site strives to protect your data from any form of damage, loss, diversion, intrusion, disclosure, alteration or destruction.


If any user visits a benchmark sheet or a light sheet, customers who have subscribed to bsoco professional offers will be notified by email that a user has seen a benchmark sheet or a light sheet. This email will not contain your personal information (name, email address, etc.). However it will mention the URL of your company or more specifically the string after the "@" symbol in your email address (ex: @ This email will also mention the benchmark sheet(s) or the light sheet(s) you have visited. The user of the bsoco professional offer may also invite you to contact him/her. You can accept or decline.


The bsoco site informs you that, to the extent permitted by current regulations, it cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect loss, including loss of profits, goodwill, data or other loss intangible property, lost profits or any loss or damage that may arise from the use or inability to access the site, even if the bsoco site was advised of the possibility of such damages.


By accessing or using the information contained in the site, fact sheets or benchmark sheets, you acknowledge having read the original community data. The information provided by the bsoco site is only a consolidation or graphical formatting of information provided by its members. At no point can the quality of information available through the bsoco site be challenged because it is derived from information provided by its user community.


The bsoco site may not be held responsible for the adequacy or accuracy of information provided by bsoco site members.

The right to use information contained in the benchmark sheets is reserved exclusively for the person benefiting from the consultation rights of the benchmark sheet according to the tariff sheet in effect at the site.


Access codes to sheet benchmarks are provided on a personal basis and cannot be disclosed to third parties.


The beneficiary of one or more benchmark sheets may use the information in this form as he sees fit for personal use but may not in any way copy it to another medium of whatever nature. It is forbidden to disclose the information in this sheet in any form whatsoever. It is prohibited to identify beneficiaries to a third party.