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The benefits of CRM for increasing of sales

CRM benefits to increase sales

It is always a pleasure to have the opportunity of writing an editorial, but when the main thing is the CRM, pleasure is even greater. Without doubt, CRM has contributed the necessary “customer intelligence” to develop the companies growth and contribute with its expansion as proved during last it is not only a computer tool or a gestion software, no, the CRM is the union link between our customers and the company, the main information center and the core of sucess in relations.

The benefits that a CRM system can provide to our company could be innumerable so we are going to point the most important ones:

- It helps information sharing in all the company: with this we can make our actions and gestures more efficient for customers because of the coordinated work and increases the efficicency of the team and the final customer satisfaction.

- It keeps the company directors informed in real time. The organization responsibles would not have to ask for reports and the sales team won’t have to waist more time in feeding excell tables with the data of their notebooks or agendas. Time is optimized by all the organizational piramid and we can work with actualized data in real time thanks to the multidispositivo connection available in the main CRM systems.

- It manages the sales procedure. The commercial team won’t need to register in their agendas the activities of every customer or potential customer. The system will help them optimize time as it will work as reminder of the sale steps, so they will receive the alerts just when it is a must to contact with the potential customer or make the follow up.

- Integration of multi-channel environments. Nowadays every customer or potential customer relations will be included in the same platform or system, regardless the entrance system or contact. The web environment helps us by sending to our sales team all the data of the customer who is asking for information through a web form, being also able to check the contents he has displayed, the studies he has downloaded, in which pages he has stayed longer or the products that aroused more interest while visiting our website. The commercial will also know if this potential customer has previously contacted with our company through the call center or if he has visited some of our establishments. All these information will be in the same place for helping our team, ready to improve the sales possibilities and the satisfaction of the potential customer.

A good CRM makes easy all the sales procedure in all the phases, from the capatation or contact to the post sales service and the detection of new cross-selling opportunities. The CRM is going to be useful for any type of business and sector, just as useful as in the case of a sales force of one person or 100 commercial. But if you only use the CRM system to increase efficiency or improve your customer service, you will be loosing the potential information to generate new sales opportunities and also increase our billing.

The CRM systems well used also help increasing the sales figures and will help us converting the potential customers in customers. That’s why we say that it is the union core between customers or potential customers with the company and that’s why the CRM is the information center and customer inteligence that must exist in every enterprise.

Germán Piñeiro Vázquez
Marketing Consultant - CEO
Iniciativas Virtuales Digital Agency


Infomercial - 10/03/2014