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Alexander Hu


Alex is an open source enthusiast since 1996, when he used Debian for the first time. Since 2005 working in adult education, from 2008 also for various projects in schools, universities and organisations. He is an independent consultant with passion for details but never losing the perspective. Alex is a certified Chamilo provider and also listed as an official Debian Consultant.

Sometimes it is better to check out open source solutions (and sometimes better not).
This webinar is interesting for all who are stuck in their decision-making process about which LMS to use or where to switch.

It is a hard decision whether to stick with a commercial e-learning solution, or try it with open source.
Most of the commercial vendors have super-interesting marketing brochures, high-resolution videos; but in the end it is up to you to make a successfull e-learning story.

In this session you will get usefull informations about the benefits and disadvantages with open source solutions.
(and of course, some names of well-known systems)