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Welcome on the new DOKEOS website

DOKEOS provides you a brand new website with new info and features. Try our pricing device and get an instant quote for your DOKEOS ELEARNING SUITE.

Experience elearning at an expert level

DOKEOS ELEARNING SUITE simplifies your elearning experience. Responsive, powerful and offering total control, it is always up to date and requires no setup.

Enjoy the new DOKEOS elearning experience:
- Access all DOKEOS SUITE products free of charge
- Instantly create training modules
- Add up to 5 users to your Dokeos portal
- Customise your Dokeos portal in the image of your company or organisation
- Store up to 500 MB of data (PDF, PPT, text, audio, video, photos)
- Take advantage of 60 daysĺ free, with no commitment.

Dokeos is an open source online learning suite. It provides all the features needed for e-learning and blended learning management : From Authoring to Reporting.

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